What I can do with my Plesk Control Panel?

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Created: 02:58 PM 04.29.03
Author: HPU Support [Link: support@homepageuniverse.com]
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You can perform the following actions using your PLESK control panel:

- Create and manage e-mail accounts POP3, redirects, groups, and autoresponders all from a single screen.
- Create new Web users within a domain.
- Create protected directories and manage directory users.
- Use both standard and anonymous FTP services.
- Create databases, accessing them with PHPMyAdmin and administering database users.
- Utilize IMP Webmail e-mail service.
- Access domain-level statistics.
- Change your password for control panel, FTP access or email access
- Configure a catch-all address (global maildrop)
- check disk storage/traffic quotas and usage, plus other domain info
- Using File Manager you can perform many actions on directories & files without using FTP or FrontPage ext.
- Create custom error pages

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