What is the difference between and sub-domain and a web user?

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A subdomain generally points somewhere else (forwarded), although a subdomain can be a physically hosted site just like the primary domain is (physical).

A forwarded subdomain might look like this:

forum.yourdomain.com points to yourdomain.com/forum

A physical subdomain is a totally different domain account with it's own FTP username/password, it's own space, it's own limits, it's own mail servers, etc. It just happens to share the domain name with it's primary.

Web User:
A web user belongs to the primary domain but has it's own FTP username/password. When a web user logs into ftp.domain.com and uses their user/pass they are restricted to their web space. Whatever content they upload into their space will be addressed:


The nice thing about web users is that they build their space within your limits and under your roof, no individual limits need be set for disk quota, transfer, mailboxes, etc.

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