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A domain with status: REDEMPTIONPERIOD (or PENDING DELETE RESTORABLE for .info domains) has expired and was not properly renewed for at least 40 days. Domains which are not renewed are deleted, after which point the Registry will hold the domain in the REDEMPTIONPERIOD/PENDING DELETE RESTORABLE for 30 days.

HomepageUniverse will have no public contact information associated with this domain, since it was deleted. However, you can see its current status using a Registry-level WHOIS. (For .COM/.NET domains use: , for .ORG domains use, for .INFO domains use

Attempts would have been made to contact the Email addresses on the domain's registration record about the domain's expiration before it was actually expired. Having current, valid contact information is a requirement for all who register a domain name, as highlighted in the agreements when the domain was first registered. Renewal reminders and other important information are sent to these contacts, and having an invalid email address or aggressive SPAM filters in place will prevent delivery of these messages.

The Registry-imposed REDEMPTIONPERIOD/PENDING DELETE RESTORABLE lasts for 30 days, and it is still possible to recover a domain in this state. The domain can only be redeemed by the original owner of the domain listed on the WHOIS prior to the deletion. Do not contact us if you are not the original listed owner of the domain. If you are not the original listed owner of the domain, speak with your favorite Registration company about how to determine when a REDEMPTIONPERIOD/PENDING DELETE RESTORABLE domain will be available for registration again.

Redeeming a domain is more time consuming and complicated than if the domain was "renewed" normally during the first 40 days of expiration. You should contact us at to begin this process.

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